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Yoga Birdie

Holistic healing, simplified.

Connect to Yourself

Yoga is medicine, capable of powerfully and effectively restoring a person’s health, vitality and wellbeing. Yoga Birdie’s approach to client care draws upon three similar, but distinctly different, styles of yoga; yoga therapy, therapeutic yoga and thai yoga therapy massage.


These research-backed modalities can benefit the healthy — as well as those suffering — by providing natural care and holistic treatment for many common and chronic conditions, such as stress, anxiety, back pain, muscle strains, arthritis, bone fragility, asthma, diabetes, cancer, depression, headaches, insomnia, general weakness, fatigue and lack of mobility.


Founded in 2020 by Jill Lacher, Yoga Birdie offers compassionate, knowledgeable yoga healing to individuals and groups. Jill's work combines medical knowledge and research with a lifelong passion for being of service and supporting people's wellness journey.


"...I cannot say enough about Jill. She is the most compassionate and understanding person and truly understands my plight. I have already seen a difference in how I approach my anxiety and am constantly gaining tools to battle it. If you are struggling with anxiety or even just want to free your mind of the many stresses that Silicon Valley life can bring up, I highly recommend trying Therapeutic Yoga with Jill." 





Yoga Therapy

Mon - Fri

Therapeutic Yoga 

Mon - Fri


Thai Massage Therapy

Mon - Fri


Breathe Together Yoga
more info 


Therapeutic Yoga
Fri 10:30a-11:45a


Chair Yoga
Tues 10:45a-12:00p


Yoga with Jill

Tues 6:oop-7:15p



Hatha Yoga

Thurs 2:30p-3:30p

A few regular offerings are listed below, see services here. Please contact Jill Lacher with any questions.

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Jill Lacher Behind Tree

About Jill Lacher

Dedicating over two decades of her life supporting people living with chronic and mental health conditions, Jill has enjoyed a broad range of working environments such as corporate, hospitals, non-profits, schools, juvenile detention and yoga centers. As a Yoga and Thai Massage Therapist, Jill focuses on holistic care, addressing specific needs and root cause(s) of imbalance. With deep understanding and care of the mind body spirit connection, Jill uses inclusive, trauma-informed yoga to support transformation, balance and healing. Her intuitive sense often uncovers opportunities to blend a variety of tools, including breath, somatic work, meditation, positive imagery and hands-on-healing, as well as Ayurveda and lifestyle suggestions to enhance and support a grounded sense of peace that can be drawn upon in life. Jill is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. When not at work, you can find Jill playing in the great outdoors with her dog, friends and husband.

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